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We think that fermentation is not only a technical process but also a social and cultural one — it’s almost political. Fermentation inspires art, literature, poetry, painting. We believe that fermentation connects people, changing our way to interact and develop relationships. In France, when we say fermentation, we immediately think wine; in North America, beer; in India, bread; in Japan, saké… Everywhere, fermentation takes a central role in our cultural life. FAIR magazine explores this fermented world, who makes it — your mom, your friend, an artisan, a neophyte — how, and the way it inspires people. It inspires us!

Twice a year, writers and artists will bring you interviews, stories, pictures, poems, and much more! Our second issue features works by (in alphabetical order):

NICKOLAI ARTAMONOV writer, Toronto – EMILY CAMPEAU sommelier at Restaurant Candide, Montréal – Lauren + Adam EISOLD SMITH, winemakers, Oregon – THOMAS FERROUL as THOM illustrator, Brussel – NINA GANDOLFO painter, Toronto – CHLOE HARRISON-ACH artist + sommelier at June Bar, NYC – MAYA HEY founder of Food Feminism and Fermentation + writer, Montréal – ANNIE LE BLANC, painter, Toronto – MARK PRINCE writer, Toronto – ZAC SCHWARTZ, Lake Inez owner + writer, Toronto – JUDITH J. SCIARONE sommelier + writer, Goa – MICHEL TOLNER, author “Mimi, Fifi and Glouglou”, Paris – AMELIE VRLA writer, Berlin – TARA WHITSITT author of “Fermentation on Wheels”, USA – ANATOLE ZANGS, illustrator, Paris.