In the early hours of the morning with Le Bricheton

Novembre 2016. Early morning around 6AM, Maxime learns me how to bake. Small knead, small gesture. Proper hands, flour in the hair, strong tea. Maxime is definitely one of the most talented bakers of our generation. Using only organic ancestral wheat, water he pulls everyday out of a Parisian well and salt from Olonne Island. Long and slow fermentations, folding and kneading and waiting and speaking and thinking. Bread for brain. Thank you Maxime.

Le Bricheton, rue de la Réunion, 75020 Paris

2016-11-12 09.35.112016-11-12 09.35.152016-11-12 10.10.582016-11-12 10.11.032016-11-12 10.11.012016-11-12 10.10.562016-11-12 12.48.21

Into the dough, as pale as cream, as mellow as a skin, as capricious as a child, as sticky as a mum, as floating as cloud, as understandable as feats.

2016-11-12 12.48.402016-11-12 12.47.562016-11-12 12.47.592016-11-12 17.46.572016-11-12 17.47.042016-11-12 17.47.202016-11-12 17.46.26

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