1st issue out in July 2017!

Over few months after the firstfruits of my idea to accomplish the project of launching a magazine, FAIR (for Fairmentation ie. fermentation) is born. Real, big in your hands and very bright on the cover, which refers to the French artistic and literary journal founded in 1926 by Christian Zervos “Cahiers d’Arts”.

FAIR ISSUE N.01 OUT IN JULY 10th – PREORDERING on our Etsy shop via this link

You love bread, natural wine, sourdough, beer, you do care about fermentation process, FAIR is made for you! We are an independent magazine that intends to develop all fermentation process through a fashionable and alternative way. Ten artists couch out on the paper fermenting stories, drawing, poems… FAIR N.01 is a prototype which aims to raise funds.

update on Oct. 2017

Our first issue was a prototype with a small print-run to introduce the concept of FAIR and assess the interest of our readers around the project. It featured 10 writers and artists and helped us present the wide range of subjects that the notion of fermentation could cover.

We learned a lot in the process of making our first issue. Flawed as it was, it helped us realize how excited artists and writers were to contribute to the magazine, and we are really happy and proud of what we accomplished with a reduced staff and faith in what we were doing!

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