Behind FAIR

FAIR MAG was founded in July 2017 by Lolita Sene, sommelier, and Camille Tourny, editor. They decided to team up for a fruitful collaboration between creating, writing and editing. Launching a printed magazine in our time is a huge challenge but we grew tired of blogging, Instagram-ing, Pinterest-ing… We want something that we can hold between our hands, which will stay through time; something more authentic.

Lolita Sene, publisher & sommelier

Born in the south of France, she learned about wine in agronomic school; then, “unlearned” in the vineyards where she discovered natural winemakers such as Clos Fantine, Olivier Jullien and Leon Barral. Since then, she promotes natural viticulture. In 2015, Lolita created a wine shop, La Galerie, in Paris. She currently writes in the wine column for Munchies (Vice Magazine). Also on Instagram: @lolitasene.

 Camille Tourny, editor & art historian

Art-lover, beer-enthusiast French editor who lives in Toronto. She grew up in Lyon, Rhône Valley, where she studied Art History and French Literature. She discovered art publishing when she interned at the Publishing Department of the Château de Versailles. Between 2013 and 2017, she was an editorial assistant at Arthena, a prestigious award-winning French publishing house. She currently works at the Flying Pony, an art gallery and café in Toronto.

If you want to participate – writing drawing picturing – to the next FAIR issue, please contact us :

fairmentation at gmail dot com
Lolita Sene / Camille Tourny
Toronto – Paris – NYC